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  • Vitamix 2014 Holiday Giveaway

    Vitamix 2014 Holiday Gift and Free Shipping Our friends at Vitamix recently sent us an email telling about the Holiday offers that will run until December 31st, 2014 . We are excited to announce that not only do you get Free Shipping, but you will also get 3 spatulas for free. Free Priority Shipping (3-5 […]

  • Vitamix Black Friday Sale

    Vitamix Black Friday 2014 Sale Today Vitamix sent out an email regarding their Black Friday sale. The deal will continue this week and end on Monday, December 1st. We expect to receive another email Sunday or Monday that will contain an even better Cyber Monday deal. The Black Friday sale will get you any Vitamix […]

  • Blendtec 2014 Holiday Blender Sale

    Blendtec 2014 Holiday Blender Sale Similar to Vitamix, Blendtec recently announced their 2014 Holiday Sale that will be sure to save you at least $150 on some of their top blenders. This Blendtec holiday promo is the only way to get the lowest prices ever on the Certified Refurbished blenders again this year at our […]

  • Vitamix 2014 Pre Holiday Sale

    Vitamix 2014 Pre-Holiday Sale Today Vitamix sent out an email to all subscribers explaining the latest Pre-Holiday sale that will continue until Black Friday arrives next month. The details around this sale are similar to what you can already get here at BlendToTheEnd.com. When you purchase any blender, you will automatically receive¬†free shipping when using […]

  • Vitamix 2014 Labor Day Sale

    Vitamix 2014 Labor Day Sale We recently received an email regarding the 2014 Vitamix Labor Day sale. The sale is similar to a previous deal where the Vitamix Standard Reconditioned Blender was only $299 plus free shipping when using promo code ’06-009709′. When you use any of our links, we automatically include the code to […]