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  • Vitamix 2014 Pre Holiday Sale

    Vitamix 2014 Pre-Holiday Sale Today Vitamix sent out an email to all subscribers explaining the latest Pre-Holiday sale that will continue until Black Friday arrives next month. The details around this sale are similar to what you can already get here at BlendToTheEnd.com. When you purchase any blender, you will automatically receive free shipping when using […]

  • Vitamix 2014 Labor Day Sale

    Vitamix 2014 Labor Day Sale We recently received an email regarding the 2014 Vitamix Labor Day sale. The sale is similar to a previous deal where the Vitamix Standard Reconditioned Blender was only $299 plus free shipping when using promo code ’06-009709′. When you use any of our links, we automatically include the code to […]

  • Free Target Gift Card with Ninja Blender

    Ninja Professional Blender with Nurti Ninja Cups So it has been a few weeks since we have posted anything here at BlendToTheEnd.com, so we wanted to share a Target.com Ninja Blender deal that will help you save on a professional blender. Target.com recently announced that they are giving away $25 dollar gift cards with the […]

  • Vitamix Blender Updates

    When Vitamix introduced the personal sized S30 blender, they also re-branded their other blender product categories. In an effort to simplify the Vitamix shopping experience for customers, Vitamix now has 3 blender product series which includes the S-Series, C-Series, and G-Series. If you count the Certified Reconditioned series, it would be 4. The only actual […]

  • Vitamix Mothers Day Sale

    If you subscribe to the Vitamix newsletter, then this post will look somewhat familiar. Earlier today Vitamix sent out the annual Mothers Day sale email. Similar to previous years, the sale provides prospective buyers the ability to save on their high end Vitamix blenders. The 2014 Mothers Day sale contains deals on 4 of their top […]

  • The Vitamix S30 Personal Blender

    The Vitamix S30 Personal Blender Vitamix has a new blender. You heard us correct, Vitamix has a new blender. The new personal sized blender is called the S30. It has been awhile since Vitamix created a blender made for a different customer product category. We do want to say that we have done extensive research […]

  • The Blendtec Vitamix Compatible Container

    Blendtec Vitamix Compatible Jar – Rebel Jar If you are confused by the title of this post, we at BlendToTheEnd.com understand. We were surprised to see that Blendtec started producing a compatible jar for Vitamix blenders. Seeing the word “Vitamix” on the Blendtec website initially confused us. After taking a look at the Rebel Vitamix […]