Which Blendtec Blender is best for you?

Having trouble deciding on which Blendtec Blender to buy?

Here at BlendToTheEnd.com, we are always trying to help educate readers on blenders and help you understand what makes each blender company better than another. We recently noticed that Blendtec updated their blender comparison page and we wanted to share our thoughts on the latest changes.

Blendtec has been one of the top high-end blenders for years. One thing we heard often was consumers asking which Blendtec blender to buy. We think that the latest updates to the new Blendtec blender comparison page makes the search for finding the right blender simple.

The updated comparison page provides information about each blenders horsepower, cycles, speeds, control type, finish type, warranty, and available colors. Below is a picture of all of the blenders being compared.Blendtec Blender Comparision

After reviewing the updated Blendtec blender comparison page , we ended up dividing the blenders in to 4 different blender categories.

Blendtec Classic Blenders – These machines are the only series to have a push button control.

Blendtec Designer Blenders – These machines are equipped with a touchscreen control

Blendtec Professional Blenders – This machine is equipped with a touchscreen control

Certified Refurbished Blenders – returned or repaired blenders with 7 year warranty

We are big fans of the updates that Blendtec recently made. Seeing the updated design allows users to get a better idea about the specifications of each blender they make.

One thing we wish they would do, is to provide additional information about what machine makes the best kind of foods. If we really wanted to make hummus, which machine would be best? Good thing we have extensive knowledge about blenders so this is an easy question for us, but not the average consumer.

Let us know what you think of the updated page! We look forward to hearing feedback and your experiences.

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