The Vitamix S30 Personal Blender

The Vitamix S30 Personal Blender

Vitamix S30 blenderVitamix has a new blender. You heard us correct, Vitamix has a new blender. The new personal sized blender is called the S30. It has been awhile since Vitamix created a blender made for a different customer product category. We do want to say that we have done extensive research on this machine, but have yet to use it in person. Our goal is provide additional photos and information once we have the chance to use the machine.

As you can see from the picture below, the all new Vitamix S30 is a compact blender designed for personal use. This blender has a number of different features that make it similar to the higher end Ninja Professional Blender and Nutri Bullet Pro 900 Series. This machine is slightly shorter (16 inches), lighter (13 lb), comes with 2 containers, and best of all, comes with a great 5 year warranty.

Below are a few highlights and additional information about the all new Vitamix S30 personal blender.

Vitamix S30 Blender

  • Price: $409 + Free Shipping with promo code ’06-009709′
  • Size: 16 inches tall by 8.3 inches deep by 5.90 inches wide
  • Weight: 12 lb 6 oz (slightly lighter than a traditional Vitamix machine)
  • 2 containers – 40oz and 20oz BPA-free Eastman Tritan® copolyester
  • 790 watt motor (1-peak horsepower). 3x times the power of a Magic Bullet.
  • Variable Speed Control and Pulse feature create a variety of textures
  • Top rack dishwasher-safe components
  • Metal drive system that provides maximum durability and won’t wear like plastic
  • Illuminated control panel
  • 5-year full warranty
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S30 Motor
The Vitamix S30 motor has 790 watts of power (1-peak horsepower). This is 3x times the power of the Magic Bullet. Although the S30 is more powerful than the Magic Bullet, this machine has 550 watts less power than the standard Vitamix machines. The compact size and over heating protection with automatic shut-off protection provides a safety mechanism to those who worry about damaging the motor from improper use.

S30 Control Settings
The controls on the Vitamix S30 are very similar to the standard (non-programmable) Vitamix machines. The dial on the S30 looks clean and is very simple to use. The S30 has a dial that allows users to adjust the power setting from 0 t0 10 along with an option to pulse. The pulse option is great for making salsa or hummus. We like the clean and simple appearance of the S30 control dial.

S30 Containers
s30-dishwasher-safeThe Vitamix S30 comes with 2 containers. The standard container is a 40oz while the smaller / on the go container is 20oz. Both containers are constructed out of BPA-free Eastman Tritan® copolyester. The cool thing with the portable container is the screw-on / flip-top lid. This makes it great for taking your smoothie or beverage wherever you go. One of the greatest things about the S30 containers, is that they are dishwasher-safe. This is huge as now this adds another level of convenience to cleaning. We previously posted a video on how to clean a standard vitamix.

S30 Warranty
The Vitamix S30 comes with a 5-year full warranty, which is slightly shorter than most of the other Vitamix machines. We wonder the reasoning behind this shorter warranty as the majority of other new Vitamix machines come with a 7-year full warranty.

S30 Verdict
Based on the videos and research we have done, we have to say that the Vitamix S30 blender is an excellent machine. The machine is powerful, compact, appealing to the eye, and versatile. It’s great that it comes with 2 different sized containers. The one thing that we can’t get over is the $409 price tag. If you have plenty of extra cash and want the latest and greatest, then buy this machine. If you watch your finances a little more closely, then check out the Vitamix reconditioned machines, Ninja Professional Blender, or the Nutri Bullet Pro 900 Series. We expect the price to drop as we don’t feel the demand will be there with the $409 price tag.

If you absolutely want to go with a Vitamix and we had to choose between the S30 and a reconditioned machine, we would go with a reconditioned machine simply due to the number of advantages of the full sized blender.

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Vitamix Blender Product Category Updates

Vitamix Blender Product CategoriesIf you have been to the Vitamix site lately, then you probably noticed they have created 3 series (Certified Reconditioned is still separate) that each blender now fits in. We will be writing another post about this, but wanted to mention it during the introduction of the Vitamix S30. Below are the updated categories along with a description of each category. Vitamix has also updated their blender comparison page. This page provides a high level comparison, but not a great amount of detail can be found there.

Certified Reconditioned Blenders
Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Series offers first-class blending performance. Each machine is inspected and reviewed to make sure they meet the high Vitamix quality standards. These machines have a great warranty and an unbeatable price.

S-Series – Personal Blenders
The S-Series Personal S30 Blender machine is the latest personal sized blender from Vitamix. This machine is smaller, lighter, and comes with 2 containers to make this the most versatile machine produced by Vitamix.

C-Series – Classic Blenders
The Vitamix Classic C-Series blender series offers a variety of control options and container sizes, all with the classic Vitamix body style. Choose from High/Low controls, Variable Speed Control, and convenient pre-programmed settings. The C-Series includes blenders from a few product lines including CIA, Creations, Professional Series, TurboBlend, and the 5200/6000 product lines.

G-Series – Next Generation Blenders
The Vitamix Next Generation G-Series blenders represent the next generation of premium blending, offering powerful motors, a sleek design, and the latest sound dampening technology. These low-profile machines easily fit beneath standard cabinets that allow them to remain accessible on the counter for everyday use. The C-Series includes blenders from a few product lines including Professional Series, Creations, and the 7500 product line.

The Vitamix blenders page has been updated with all of the new blender series along with each model that is in each product series. Product Comparison

Have you or anyone you know used the new Vitamix S30 personal blender? We look forward to hearing feedback and any experiences with this new Vitamix blender!

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