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Vitamix Blender ComparisonWhen Vitamix introduced the personal sized S30 blender, they also re-branded their other blender product categories. In an effort to simplify the Vitamix shopping experience for customers, Vitamix now has 3 blender product series which includes the S-Series, C-Series, and G-Series. If you count the Certified Reconditioned series, it would be 4. The only actual product change at Vitamix is the addition of the S30 personal blender.

Below is a brief description of each new Vitamix product series along with a chart that helps clarify the differences between each series. As we have mentioned before, the products that Vitamix offers are pretty much the same with the addition of the S30 personal blender.

S-Series – Personal Blenders
The Vitamix S-Series blender series consists of the latest S30 personal sized blender. This machine is smaller, lighter, and comes with 2 containers to make this the most versatile machine produced by Vitamix.

C-Series – Classic Blenders
The Vitamix Classic C-Series blender series offers a variety of control options and container sizes, all with the classic Vitamix body style. Choose from High/Low controls, Variable Speed Control, and convenient pre-programmed settings. The C-Series includes blenders from a few product lines including CIA, Creations, Professional Series, TurboBlend, and the 5200/6000 product lines.

G-Series – Next Generation Blenders
The Vitamix Next Generation G-Series blenders represent the next generation of premium blending, offering powerful motors, a sleek design, and the latest sound dampening technology. These low-profile machines easily fit beneath standard cabinets that allow them to remain accessible on the counter for everyday use. The C-Series includes blenders from a few product lines including Professional Series, Creations, and the 7500 product line.

Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Blenders
The Vitamix Certified Reconditioned machines delivers restaurant-quality blending performance at a fraction of the price. These are the recommended Vitmiax machines to buy for the first time buyer.

How do Vitamix Blenders compare to one another?

Below is a table that helps identify some of the characteristics about each blender series.

Category Personal S-Series Classic C-Series Next Generation G-Series
Made For Made for someone who needs a compact and versatile machine. Made for someone who needs a classic and simple machine. Made for someone who needs the latest and greatest blender.
Shop Vitamix Shop S-Series Shop C-Series Shop G-Series
Starting at $409 Starting at $399 Starting at $529
Full Warranty 5 Years 5 or 7 years 5 or 7 years
Performance Motor  
 Easy to Clean  
Online Recipe Support
Instructional DVD
Container Sizes
40oz and 20oz 64oz 64oz – Low Profile
Footprint (sq in)
 49.2 63.4 72.4
Additional container sizes
Dishwasher safe
Program settings available
Alternate color options
Illuminated control panel
Shop Vitamix Shop S-Series Shop C-Series Shop G-Series

Which Vitamix product line is your favorite? Feel free to share any experiences you have had!

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