The Blendtec Vitamix Compatible Container

Blendtec Vitamix Compatible Jar – Rebel Jar

If you are confused by the title of this post, we at understand. We were surprised to see that Blendtec started producing a compatible jar for Vitamix blenders.

Seeing the word “Vitamix” on the Blendtec website initially confused us. After taking a look at the Rebel Vitamix compatible jar, we realized Blendtec was trying to provide concerned Vitamix customers an alternative container. The Vitamix container recall has given Blendtec an opportunity to persuade Vitamix customers to try their containers on Vitamix blenders. The price for the Blendtec Vitamix container is the same prices as the Vitamix container. One would think that the Blendtec Vitamix compatible container would be priced slightly lower than the Vitamix container in an effort to incent the thrifty shoppers. Additionally, the Blendtec compatible jars ONLY work on Vitamix machines. You heard us right, these Blendtec containers ONLY work with Vitamix blenders. Below is the price and information for the Blendtec Vitamix compatible container.

Blendtec Vitamix Compatible Jar

  • Unique safety blade is 80% thicker and ten times stronger than competitors’ blades and blunt instead of sharp
  • Easy-clean jar blends without the use of a plunger or other device
  • 90 fluid ounce capacity
  • BPA-free copolyester construction
  • Shorter jar fits under most kitchen cupboards
  • Compatible with most Vitamix blenders sold since 1993. This jar is NOT compatible with Blendtec blenders.
  • Dimensions: 7″ wide x 9.5″ tall x 7″ deep


Blendtec Vitamix Compatible Containers

  • Wildside+ Rebel 36-ounce Vitamix Compatible Jar  – Price: $129.95
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Vitamix Blender Containers

  • 48-ounce Container – Price: $139.00
  • 32-ounce Container – Price: $129.00
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On the bottom of the Blendtec product pages, it states “Vitamix may attempt to void your Vitamix warranty if you use the Blendtec Rebel Jar”. We understand the reason to create a compatible jar, but if we were a Vitamix owner, we certainly would NOT want to risk voiding the warranty of a $400 blender.

Have you or anyone you know used the Blendtec compatible jars? We look forward to hearing feedback and your experiences with this new product!

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  1. The problem with these jars is you have to use the Blendtec Blade/Gear adapter. If you install it then you can not use your Vitamix Jars without uninstalling it. Blendtec did this on purpose… to take yet another shot at Vitamix. They have/had but will not sell you a jar that fits fine with the Vitamix gears.

    Blendtec makes a fine jar (as long as you get the wildside version) but their blenders no matter how much they hype them are not up to par with the quality of the Vitamix. I know because I have BOTH.

    So if you are only planning on using the Wildside jar then go for it, but if you plan on using both… too bad. The EGO of the Blendtec owner is off the charts.

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