2016 Vitamix Fall Blender and Container Sale

Earlier this week, I received an email from Vitamix with their fall discounts for the upcoming season. Similar to previous years, the sales offer some great deals on containers and Certified Reconditioned Blenders (this is what we use).

We know that these offers aren’t as good as the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals, but they are a great start to the holiday season. We expect to have more information for Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals in the next few weeks.

Here are the details of the latest fall Vitamix discounts and deals.

We are really excited for the start of the holiday season. Not only is it a chance to save on Vitamix blenders, containers, and accessories, but its a reminder of some of the great things you can make this fall in your blender. Some of our favorites include pumpkin soup and jalapeno hummus.

If you are new to high end blenders, Vitamix does a great job showing why their blenders are better than competitors. They have a page dedicated to showing how and why Vitamix blenders are the best.

Here are some additional details about the Vitamix products that are part of this fall sale!

Vitamix Containers

  • Sale Price: $50 (Save up to 70%, Regularly $150-$159) with purchase of any Vitamix blender
  • Free Shipping with promo code 06-009709
  • Standard and Low Profile Containers available
  • 3-year full standard warranty
  • Offer valid until 11/30/16
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Certified Reconditioned Next Generation Blender

  • Sale Price: $399 (Save $40)
  • Free Shipping with code 06-009709
  • Sleek new modern design
  • Low-profile 64-ounce container
  • 7-year full warranty
  • Free Vitamix cookbook and tamper
  • Available in 3 colors (Red, Black, White)
  • Offer valid 11/1/16 until 11/23/16.
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Vitamix Certified Reconditioned Blenders

  • Sale Price: as low as $279
  • Free Shipping with code 06-009709
  • Low-profile 64-ounce container
  • 5-year full warranty
  • Comes with Vitamix cookbook and tamper
  • Available in multiple colors and designs
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People always ask about the recondition process. If you have any questions about the reconditioned process, check out their reconditioned process page dedicated to clarifying how it works.

If you have an problems receiving the FREE SHIPPING, visit our Vitamix Promotion page to verify you are entering the correct code.

If this sale doesn’t contain any of the items you want to buy, we suggest checking out the Vitamix comparison page. This page will help you determine which blender is best for you!

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for BlendToTheEnd.com, please contact us!

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